A really short biography- just the interesting artistic part.

I was born in 1991 in Brazil. My mom is a principal and my dad is a business man and they did everything for us. Since my childhood I used to make up stories and play along – that made my grandpa think that I was getting crazy.

–  “She keeps talking to herself”- he said- “is she getting crazy?”

No grandpa, I was just born to be an actress. But later I found out that I was born to be an artist – because only acting wouldn’t be enough.

But that path wasn’t that easy. In my hometown there wasn’t a bunch of theatre productions going on. So I used to see programs about culture on TV with my dad and watch movies- technology goes everywhere right? . Later in high school I decided :

  • “I’m gonna be a filmmaker!”

So my parents ( the best supportive dudes in the planet ) gave me a camera and let me make a college in advertising. I directed every movie I could during my course- specially because movies have this magical thing of going everywhere – even in my hometown. That’s how I started to see the world as an artist – because of the movies

Later, I went to Rotary International and during my volunteer work I also had my teenage phase which as we all know is the worst phase ever. During my deep and confused thoughts of “ Who am I?”, “What will I do of my life?”, “How the hell am I gonna survive?”…. I decide to study International Relations. hahahahahah
Yeah, I loved it ! But during my summer and spring breaks I found a school: “ CAL- Laranjeiras house of art” where I started to have short drama courses. One day I looked at the school and said:

  • “ it’s gonna get the day when I’ll come here to study as a professional”

So that happened. I had this whole big and though conversation with my parents about giving up International Relations and in 2012 I started my BA in Arts.
These last three years there were the best, worst, crazy, confuse and perfect years that I have had. Exactly because they were all this things at the same time.
During my last year I found a group of crazy dudes that decide to make theatre no matter what. These guys had this Company called: “Cia teatral 9 de ouros”.
It was heaven, because I could do everything. All the ideas and visions that I always had could become true. So we made two plays and the second one I wrote and directed – something I never thought that was possible.

That’s it. That’s me. And I really can’t live without keep doing it. I’m a workaholic, funny, confused and lovely art maker.

Nice to meet you. Let’s chat?


 If you want to check what I already made click here!


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