Writing Projects:

“The Glass” – Stage Play
Synopsis:  The story takes form with many different characters living the same sensation of imprisonment, stagnation and addictions – each one by its personal way. They relate with each other and the world even though they are in a constant loneliness. They don’t have a defined gender or age allowing the audience to relate their stories with it’s own memory. The play talks about reality so raw that sometimes seems illusion and that why we need the actors bringing the truth and the staging bring the sensations.

“Humans” – Stage Play
Synopsis: Two people living absolutely different situations on their own. However,  we see their stories finding a similar end even though their pathway changes according to their response to life situations. Their personality and their background define their destiny making us only witnesses of their story.

“Sunny Day” – RadioPlay
Synopsis: It’s a Sunny day in Julie’s life and she had no idea how things could change so fast.  We are always thinking that we have enough time to do everything, until we don;t.

“It’s All Visible” – Stage Play ( in writing process )
Synopsis: W thinks that has a superpower and talks about it’s own life trying to prove it to M.After some experiences she knows that the only way to do so without being called a lunatic is by telling her story since her childhood, focusing on what led her into that super power discovery. During her story we face some subjects as bullying, suicide, parenting problems, society pressures on us…and more. As a consequence of what MAN learns from living her story he ends up not only understanding her power but developing his way to save lives – his own included. It’s a story full of situations we can honestly relate to without forgetting to have a good time.


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