Professional Background


Ludmylla Mar dos Reis Rio de Janeiro, 18 of August of 1991 is a mezzo soprano brazillian actress, director, producer and playwright.

Her first professional works were with her university colleagues that made a professional season in 2012 with the play “Quimeras e Querelas” in Rio de Janeiro. After that in 2014 she entered in a theatre company called “9 de Ouros”. They made the play “Prisma do Progresso” that is about the dictatorship times in Brasil and there she acted and made the lightning design. Later in 2015 they made a second play  called “ The Glass”, a play about the situations when we are on the edge of the emotions and all the things that we feel inside as human beings – which she wrote and directed. “The Glass” had it’s preview in may 2015 at Penha, RJ.

Ludmylla has been into many artistic ideas and now she’s decided to focus on her acting and directing skills.

She is making her research about nem ways to get into the universal feelings of human beings.
Yeah, she keeps trying, we hope she will find something in this lifetime.

Uma lista das coisas que ela ja andou estudando / A list of the things she’s been into :

University degree at :

Instituto CAL de Arte e Cultura- Faculdade CAL de artes cênicas

BA in performing arts – Graduated at december 2014

3 years course

College degree at:


professional course in: Runway and photography model – graduated in March 2015

Adding up to 320 hours

List of workshops:


“Descobrindo o ator que há em você” – David Herman; December 2009; adding up to 15 hours

“Abre o pano” Com Carla Tausz – January and February of 2011; adding up to 15 hours

“Mergulho teatral” Com Tássia Camargo e Joseane Custódio; January 2011; adding up to 18 hours

“Construção e Desconstrução do ator/personagem” Com Thierry Trémouroux ; July  2011; adding up to 15 hours

“ Teatro infanto- juvenil: elementos melodramáticos” – Grupo Trupe de Truões; May 2013; adding up 6 hours

“O ator criador”- Cia Quatroloscinco; april 2014 ; adding up 4 hours


“O contador de história- Leitura e Jogo Cênico” – José Mauro Brant  in 2012

“Mito e ritual na tradicao oral” – Maria ines do espirito santo ; October 2013 ; adding up to 6 hours


“O clown moderno” Thierry Tremouroux; july 2011 : adding up to 15 hours

“ Desenvolvimento do Clown “ – Sávio Moll; September 2013; adding up to 12 hours

“Per Curso de Palhaço” -Cris Muñoz; October 2013; adding up to 5 hours

“Ateliê de Máscaras Balinesas”- Fabianna Mello e Souza ; August 2014; adding up to 48 hours

Other courses:


“Iluminação” Senai Rio – 2013


“Dramaturgia nas cidades” – Jorge Louraço; September 2013; adding up to 40 hours


“Curso de Cenografia” –  Helio Eichbauer; 2011

Tap dance:

“Teresa Petsold”- Luciana Petsold; 2009- 2 years course.

” Nos da dança” – Adriana Salomão and Steven Harper ; August 2011

“Master Class tap” – Adriana Salomão; May 2014 1:30h


“Oficina de critica cinematografica” – Leonardo Luiz Ferreira; April 2014; adding up to 3 hours

Other skills:

Tap dance, singing, self make up, lightning designing.



“Quimeras e Querelas” uma adaptação das peças “As Eruditas” e “O doente imaginário” de Molière.

Season from 30 of november of 2013 to  8 of december of 2013 in Galpão das Artes – Jardim Botânico.RJ

As an actress and scenic designer

“Prisma do Progresso” from Cia Teatral 9 de ouros.

Season:  5 and 12 of October – In Parque da Ruinas, Santa Tereza. RJ

As an actress and lighting designer.

” The Glass” from Cia teatral 9 de ouros: 26 and 27 of May 2015 in Arena Dicro -Penha ,RJ

As a director, playwriter and lighting designer.



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