Artistic Goals

I am an actress, that’s my professional registry and my passion but as an artist we look forward to  tell stories. It may be kind of  cliché to say that but it’s not so simple. Most of artists say that they want to tell stories but sometimes their truly desire is to achieve success, recognition, work in groups, get applauses, get awards, be heard, work in something not that boring, be famous etc. Others really just want to tell stories and we can find out that this can take many forms. It can be by acting by directing or by writing good works. Those are my three pillars of creative production which I’m looking forward to be specialized even though my focus are going to be acting and directing mostly – because we need to focus to be able to build a craft. As an actress my wish is to portrait characters that teaches me something about being human. Some methods that I really enjoyed were the Stanislavsky approach,  the clown learning of the audience and I’m looking forward to study Meyerholds approach to the actor; as a director my desire is to create images that touches our unconscious and to coach actors in their processes, for that the via negativa by Grotowski fits well in my needs to deal with the actors struggles and the inclusion of the viewpoints is really appreciated – I’m looking forward to one of the workshops in New York ; as a writer my goal is to tell stories that are screaming to become live and I’m the one that hears them. As a playwright my wish is not to produce a  political or a lecture style of theatre. If I’m able,  I want to mix fiction and reality using the theatre as a tool to take this to the audience dinner discussions.